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Prostate massage may also be a common sexual practice in couples' sexual lives. The advent of equipment and products for prostate massage encourages people to try it. A practitioner actively encourages arousal by massaging all areas of the pelvic region while the client or his partner rests comfortably in the supine position, often create a relaxing environment using aromatherapy, soft lighting and soothing sounds. Many couples though do not purchase such devices but use a finger for anal penetration and prostate stimulation to enhance the man's orgasm. The finger or the prostate massager is introduced into the rectum through the anus and the prostate gland is gently massaged. The main problem in using the finger is that it may be too short to reach the prostate gland. Prostate massage can be performed individually or with the help of a partner. Some men prefer being anally stimulated by their partner during foreplay or after their main form of sexual activity. Lingam massage is effective in treating impotence and erectile dysfunction. Visit best
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Man receiving sensual tantric massage

Lingam Male Prostate Massage

Erotic and Sensual Massages in London

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Tantra helps to open up to the erotic sensations and the realm of sensuality, thus helping you to have better sex life and achieve greater sexual fulfilment.

Sensual massage that accompanies each and every session is known because the Lingham massage (for males) and Yoni massage (for females). It is meant as an emotional journey into your inner self, for the duration of which everything that can be skilled really should be experienced. Tantra & Sensiual massage invites you to keep close to oneself and not to become distracted by issues surrounded you.

Whether you are a man, woman or a couple, tantra has something special for you in its wide array of sex oriented tools and techniques.

Orgasmic happy ending lingam and prostate massage

Prostate massage is very good for men’s health, it helps to boost your virility and prevent possible health issues. It is especially recommended for men after 40 to extend the prime of their life, but of course each and every man of any age will benefit enormously from it. Do you know many treatments which are as beneficial as pleasant? Prostate massage is unique in this regard, combining solid therapeutic effects with enormous, overwhelming erotic sensations.

Lingam massage is done by hand and we’d like to emphasize that it’s strictly massage indeed – no oral sex or penetrative sex is ever allowed within the tantra full body massage session, for an extra payment or without such. However the techniques of lingam massage are very refined and special – if you think of it as your average hand job, it isn’t so! Special motions of your beautiful tantric massage London therapist’s hands will touch you precisely in those spots which give the heightened erotic response and guide you towards the bright orgasmic release. It is for this part that sensual massage is called a happy ending massage. Orgasmic massage means, as you might already know or guessed not just a simple erotic massage, but tantra massage with lingam massage at the end of the session.

Tantra the prostate is regarded as a sacred spot of a man, the stimulation of which can not only give exceedingly pleasurable sensations, but even transport a person out and beyond his limitations, fears and core assumptions into the realm of serene repose, supreme love and deep peace.

One of the features of tantra naturist massagethat makes it really stand out among the other types of massages is its explicit erotic tint. Naked masseuse performs those teasing and provoking motions, using her hands and the whole body, not being ashamed to touch you in the most intimate places, the parts of your body that give the maximum pleasure and erotic response. Unrestricted in her techniques, which include body to body massage, the Goddess of tantra massage will be arousing you by all sophisticated tantric means, her skills being perfected and polished during the extensive training and devoted practice. Deliberately raising your sexual response by gently stroking and caressing your body, she will then get to the culminate point of tantra massage – the massage of your sex organ, which is called lingam in tantra.