Erotic and Sensual Massages in London

How to Prepare Yourself and Greet Your Clients

Now is the time to prepare for a massage booking. Remember, a massage booking is different from an escort booking. Here are some easy steps on how to get the right atmosphere:

Prepare the environment, make sure the area is clean and uncluttered. Your guest will want to feel relaxed and at ease.
The room should be at a comfortable temperature.
Light some scented candles to establish the right mood.
Make sure you invest in baby wipes, oils and lotion that are safe for internal use.

Once everything is prepped, let your client ring that door bell.
It is probably best if your nails are trimmed for massages, unless your client specifically asked for a scratchy encounter.
Never apply the oil or lotion directly onto the body. Place a good amount in your warm hands, rub them together, and then begin the massage.
Remember, your hands aren’t your only tools. Give a
sensual massage with your body. Make good use of your oiled arms, boobs and stomach. Now is a great time to signal your client that you are ready to move to the next level physically. Kissing, licking and a warm breath on flesh are usually welcomed with an erotic response. When you’re giving an erotic massage, make sure to reach all the important zones. There are plenty of advice online on how to touch the right places or how to perform the best erotic massage. Read tutorial on how to give a sensual massage and how to give happy ending massage.

Creative tip: use a blindfold on your client. Removing one of the senses will increase the stimulation of this sensual experience.

Invest in new photos, save ad expenses

So is your New Year’s resolution to earn more money? I thought so. So, instead of spending loads of money on advertising you should advertise your tantric and erotic massage and escort services on Sensual Massage Me UK anyway, and you should invest in a few new photos and upload them. More photos equals more calls.

You can even pair up with you friend, pop a bottle of bubbly and dress in your favourite lingerie. Make some sexy, cheeky photos with your iPhone (you’d be amazed how good they’ll turn out) and you can make some final edits on that little device. Done. And you don’t need to be an expert.

Invest in new underwear. That’s basically your uniform and what turns those men on. You’re like a gift to them, and they’ll unwrap your brand new set of AP lingerie. Maybe you’ve got the newest collection and they’ve never seen it before. Those guys will come again.

Low on cash after these festive days? Yes, me too. So stick with the good old selfie. And interestingly Punters love that kind of pictures. It’s the real deal. In comparison to professional photos that are often overly edited, selfies are real. It’s you. But still…quality is important as well, keep that in mind.

So make a head start this year (yes, I know what you’re thinking), and be clever with your money. Earn and spend it wisely.

Really, this is easy and time well spent. Your client might even want to give you a massage in return? Doesn’t that just sound incredibly tempting… being paid to be pleasured? Love your job.

No more hesitation. Go directly on
Get Listed and create your massage profile today. Make it different to your existing escort ad, so your client knows the experience will be a very different one.

How to Become an Erotic and Tantric Masseuse Guide

According to doctors in the UK, the human body is a huge reservoir of energy which can reveal many unknown aspects of our mind and body connections and touch is an essential key to get any individual to make him or her gaining access to their erotic senses within themselves... more on naturist massage in London.

There is only one thing better than getting a great back massage and that’s giving one!
When you know how to give a great massage, you will stand out among the escorts most clients have met. Especially escorts in London are now more and more offering massage services. And the good news is it’s quick and easy to learn.

So here is why you should post a massage ad on
Sensual Massage Me UK as well as your escort ad:

Two ads will give you more traffic. More traffic, more fun, more money.
You will have a greater diversity in your job and therefore you will be less likely to get burned out. You can change your work character from Sexy Lolita to Lolita the Masseuse per booking.
Two in one. A lot of client have stressful office jobs and in deep need of a great back massages. But they want it all and that might include a Happy Ending. This means with your skills you are the perfect match for this job.
Looking for a way to impress a new client? A sensual massage is your one-way ticket to an amazing pleasure.

If you prefer you could start advertising your services as an erotic masseuse in London, and also as an escort in London. As a masseur you could advertise on our Massage for Women section, and on tantric massage in London section.

Gay guys in the UK may be interested to check out the Man to Man Massage page for an independently working gay massage therapists able to give you best happy ending massage. Find some time to explore the advertising with us on Sensual Massage Me UK.

Starting a new job is always a challenge especially in the adult world as a erotic tantric masseuse or escort in London… No one talks openly about it and discuss there mistakes. So I have written down a few things to remember for those of you who are new to the business. More on Tips for Newbies in Escorting and Tantric Massages

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Tantra the prostate is regarded as a sacred spot of a man, the stimulation of which can not only give exceedingly pleasurable sensations, but even transport a person out and beyond his limitations, fears and core assumptions into the realm of serene repose, supreme love and deep peace - more on happy ending lingam and prostate massage.