The site's was offering of adult services sections was highly controversial, due to allegations that Backpage knowingly allowed and encouraged users to post ads related to prostitution and human trafficking, particularly involving minors, and took steps to intentionally obfuscate the activities. After a series of court cases and the arrest of the company's CEO and other officials, Backpage removed the adult services subsection in the United States in 2017, however it is now officially shutdown. (16 April 2018)

On 5 May 2018 Craigslist has removed Therapeutic section from their website. Therapeutic section attracted many people advertising for Erotic and Sex service in London and the rest of the UK cities on Craigslist. Beauty section has been yet left in existence however it is going to be closely monitored, post flagged and removed.

Sensual Massage Me UK stands against any form of violation of the low in the United Kingdom and against any form of abuse, human trafficking, illegal activities in this country.  Please RESPECT all Masseuses and our Partners. They all deserve to be treated with dignity and professional manner.

Sensual Masseuse in London

It seems like Craigslist is gonna make a critical changes in their policy and crack down on massage parlours and erotic massage providers in London and the rest of the UK. Before Backpage massage London shutdown there were information in the media that indicated organised action against the website in the UK as the authorities did not want to keep a blind eye over growing numbers of human trafficking in the UK.

The ads for escorts, body-rubs and adult entertainment, many of them including revealing photos as part of the come-on, were an important source of revenue for
BackpageBodyrub. Advocates say such advertisements have improved safety for sex workers by allowing them to negotiate services online rather than in the streets.

On May 3, 2018 Craigslist London Massage Therapeutic Services has been entirely wiped out of ads. Almost one month since Backpage was sized on 6 April, all therapeutic services ads have disappeared, not only for London but for entire UK. We have received an email from one of our Business partners:

"I've been posting on Craigslist Therapeutic Services with my massage ads for roughly 1.5 years, and have acquired almost half of my customers using this method. I post 3 ad's per day (because people spam and the ad's get buried quickly), spread out throughout the day. Between two accounts I had roughly 16 ad's that I use to renew daily, which took months. This morning I woke up to renew an ad, and all my ad's were removed. Now, when I create new ad's, one account they get removed immediately, the other account, sometimes they stick sometimes they don't. Has anyone experienced this?"

Craigslist London Massage Therapeutic Services Wiped Out

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